Lasermarking, Laser processing

A laser marking system enables permanent marking with very short cycle times on a wide variety of materials. In contrast to other marking processes, the laser marking machine changes the material of the workpiece so that the structure changes at the point to be marked. The marking result is particularly convincing due to its high quality: fine lines, data matrix codes and logos can be applied with high contrast and good legibility.

Beschriftungslaser Auswahl vom Hersteller

Laser marking cabins

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Integration laser marker

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Type plate laser marking

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Accessories for laser marking

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Richter Markiersysteme

Für jeden Einsatz das passende System

Richter Marking Solutions

The right laser system for every application


Standard laser marking systems 

We offer a wide range of standard laser marking systems for reliable, fast and precise laser marking. These include foil lasers and type plate lasers. The marking systems not only offer you a consistently very high marking quality, but also score points with numerous individual configuration options.
In the area of standard laser marking systems, you can obtain machines with all required wavelengths (ultraviolet, infrared and green) as well as for all common laser processes. Engraving is just as possible as marking by colour change, foaming, material removal or tempering colours. This enables the processing of metals, glass, plastics, paper, wood, textiles and acrylic.

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