Laser cabins

Marking laser LST110

Powerful fibre laser for marking type plates
Automatic type plate feed and output
Large marking area 110x110mm
Incl. control unit and pre-installed Windows software

Range of applications

  • Marking of small parts
  • Laser engraving of type plates

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  • Compact table cabin of laser protection class 1
  • Viewing window with laser protection glass
  • Pilot laser for easy set-up of layouts
  • Automatic drawer with safety switch
  • Clamping surface for fixture
  • Laser source with 2-axis deflection unit and control card
  • USB connection, network-compatible
  • Laser in operation” indicator lights
  • Key switch for activating the laser
  • Incl. connection piece for the suction unit
  • Marking software 
Markierfeld[mm]110 x 110
Aufspannbereich[mm]ca. 400 x 400
Wellenlänge[nm]1.060 – 1.085
Pulsfrequenz[kHz]20 – 80
Arbeitstemperatur [°C]0 – 40
Kühlung Lüfter
Abmessungen BxTxH [mm]ca. 655 x 1100 x 1710 (Höhe 2160 bei offener Tür)
Energie-Verbrauch [W]ca. 180

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