Large-capacity laser LSM 2000

The new LSM2000 large-area marking laser is a universally applicable laser marking system with a generous working area.

Thanks to the integrated X-Y-Z axis system, all positions within the large working area can be approached in a programmed manner. The generous base plate with threaded holes makes it easy to insert all kinds of fixtures. On the left, right and rear sides, removable covers allow the attachment of cabin extensions or bulkhead doors when installing in a conveyor system.

Due to its modular expandability, it is ideally suited for laser marking of loaded pallets as well as heavy and large components.

The fibre laser used is characterised by its high life expectancy. With the easy-to-learn professional marking software, almost all conceivable marking tasks can be easily realised.

Gravierlaser für die Lasergravur

Range of application

  • Ideally suited for labelling bulky components or large-area processing of loaded pallets
  • Marking of metals of all kinds, plastics, type plates, etc.
  • Laser engraving
  • Laser cutting


  • Rotary axis for circumferential labelling
  • Fully automatic type plate automation
  • Turntable loading for alternate loading (180° swivel)
  • Cabin extensions for large parts
  • Bulkhead doors for automated use in interlinking
  • Automated robot loading
  • Extraction system
  • Programmable X/Y/Z traversing axis system
  • Laser source with 2-axis deflection unit and control card
  • USB connection
  • Network-compatible
  • Laser in operation” indicator lights
  • Key switch for activating the laser
  • Incl. connection piece for suction
  • Integrated PC with pre-installed marking software
  • Spacious cabin of laser protection class 1
  • Viewing window with laser protection glass
  • Pilot laser for easy set-up of layouts
  • Automatic access door with safety switch
  • Clamping table as burnished steel plate with threaded holes
Beschriftbarer Bereich[mm]X=1100+180 Y=320+180 Z=420
Aufspannbereich[mm]ca. 1200×800
Leistung[W]30 (50 oder 100 optional)
Wellenlänge[nm]1.060 – 1.085
Pulsfrequenz[kHz]20 – 80
Arbeitstemperatur[°C]0 – 40
Abmessungen (BxTxH)[mm]1.800 x 1.300 x 2.000

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