Integration systems

Marking system Unigrav

The UniGrav product range is a universally applicable marking system for scoring, embossing or engraving.
Also available with HS motors for highest speed!

Range of application

  • Control via controller, PC or PCA control (optional)
  • Serial interface, I/Os, Profibus (optional)
  • Suitable for harsh industrial environments


UniGrav GM 60Markierfeld 60 x 40 mm
UniGrav GM 100Markierfeld 100 x 100 mm
UniGrav GM 150Markierfeld 150 x 100 mm
UniGrav GM 200Markierfeld 200 x 100 mm
UniGrav GM 300Markierfeld 300 x 200 mm
UniGrav GM 500Markierfeld 500 x 250 mm

In addition to these standard inscription areas, special dimensions are available on request.

All models are optionally available with an electric embosser, as an automation machine or with HS motors for particularly high speeds.

  • Font heights and widths freely scalable
  • Individually adjustable embossing depths
  • Different character sets/special characters/logos
Markierfeldsiehe Varianten
Eilgang[mm/s]bis 100
– mit HS Motoren[mm/s]bis 400
Markier-Geschwindigkeit[Zeichen/s]bis 4
– mit HS Motoren[Zeichen/s]bis 10
Prägefrequenz[Hz]bis 400
Prägekraft[N]bis 300
Teilapparatin verschiedenen Größen zum Beschriften zylindrischer Teile und Mehrkantteile am Umfang
Z-Achseelektrische oder pneumatische Zustellachse

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